Talking it out...Thinking it through

Maybe you have issues to resolve or directions to discern.
Maybe you long for someone simply to listen--not counsel, not judge...just be present, and help you find peace. 
Maybe you have an older parent that needs a friendly check-in.
Perhaps you need someone to help you talk it all out, and think it all through.  

Friends and loved ones can offer support and understanding...
and there are times when that's all we want and need.
Other times, however, we need someone else to talk to...
a trained listener with an outside perspective.
I can meet you or have a video chat, to provide that sounding board and listening ear.



Conversations with Katie is a one-on-one conversation.  I will meet in person or via video chat--could be for a half hour, an hour, or even just fifteen minutes. 

I am experienced in...

- helping individuals facing dilemmas or life transitions;

- listening to stories from the past and helping individuals find peace and a way forward;

- being a friend to elderly, looking back on life while still seeking meaning in the present;

- helping parents struggling with family issues;

- helping adult children concerned about their aging parent; 

- helping people find a way forward in the midst of grief or struggle;

- talking through topics ranging from finding one's life path, to whom to date or marry.


"Katie is an incredible listener. She offers objective, non-judgmental reflections about a host of issues I have faced throughout my life. She talks through life's complexities without being directive or prescriptive. This helps me to discern options and make my own decisions with greater conviction.  Katie's consistent presence, encouragement, understanding and wisdom are a gift. " ~Renee

"I had completed graduate school and was contemplating my next step.  It was of invaluable help to talk through ideas, options and dreams with Katie.  She helped me hear myself better and move forward with greater confidence."  ~Irene

Katie has had a profound impact on my life. She brings great understanding and insight to difficult circumstances, and has helped me navigate challenging situations and decisions. ~Gracia

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I have over 35 years experience serving in and leading churches, and was a school advisor where I created and directed a social-emotional learning program.  I have provided seminars in retreat and hospital settings on a variety of life issues and offered loving, understanding presence to countless individuals and small groups.


I hold an undergraduate degree from Duke University and a Masters of Divinity from the Florida Center for Theological Studies.  I have also received training in coaching.

I have been married for decades and have four adult children and two grandchildren.



Different needs...Different models

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15 minute call


30 minute call


60 minute call



Conversations with Katie would like to hear from you!  Provide your name (first name is fine) and email address on the form, and a brief description of what you are looking for.

My initial 20 minute call is complimentary.  Based on our conversation, I will offer suggestions on how to proceed. 

Payment is required in advance and holds your appointment.  Full refund is given when cancelled at least 48 hours in advance.  If cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment, the call may be rescheduled.

Prior to our meetings, please Venmo me at @cwkatie

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